Siebmachers Wappenbücher

    Index of Siebmacher's Armorials

    This database contains the family names and titles of the "Old Siebmacher" (1605–1806) and the "New Siebmacher" (1854–1961) as they can be found in the "General Index of Siebmacher’s Armorials 1605–1961". The database records offer direct links to the descriptions or tables in the digitized armorials’ volumes.

    Links in a database record from the 18 volumes of the "Old Siebmacher" lead to the table where the respective coat of arms is displayed. A click on the link in a record from the 101 volumes of the "New Siebmacher" leads to the page with the coat of arms’ description. If you want to look up its image please turn to the respective digitized volume and pick the image of the table which is indicated in the description.

    The digitized armorials are provided by the Bavarian State Library Munich, Göttingen State and University Library and Heidelberg University Library. Volumes 13-15 of the "Civil Coats of Arms" are still subject to copyright and thus not yet available in digital form. Here you find an overview over all 119 volumes of the armorial with a link to the respective digitized version, if applicable.

    The data sets were generated on the basis of optical character recognition (OCR). Automatical identification of related errors was only possible in the categories "volume" and "page number". These were corrected manually. OCR-errors in the category "name" however could not be recognized by automatic processing. Should your search in the database prove to be unsuccessful it is advisable to check the printed General Index or the respective volume of the "Siebmacher".

    The digital database records from the "General Index of Siebmacher’s Armorials 1605–1961" are provided by courtesy of the Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt Graz.

    Questions concerning the content of the database are answered by Christian Fieseler ( Technical problems are solved by the Metadata Dept. at the Göttingen State and University Library (