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Thomas, More,saint

Record IDcnp01875422
Biographical Data1478 - 1535
Place of BirthLondon
Place of DeathLondon
Last Edit2018-12-12

General Note

Sir Thomas More
b. London 1478, in household of card. Morton c1491, sent to Ox. 1492, studied Greek with Linacre, met Grocyn, New Inn c1494, Lincoln's Inn 1496, reader at Furnival's Inn, lived in London Charterhouse 4 yrs., MP for London 1504, Mercer's Co. 1509, married Jane Colte (d.1511) then Alice Middleton. Envoy to Flanders 1515, at Field of Cloth of Gold, speaker of Commons 1523, chancellor of England 1529-1532, executed for treason 1535.
Humaniste. Chancelier d'Angleterre (1529-1532). Écrivit aussi en latin. A traduit du grec en latin et de l'italien en anglais. Canonisé en 1935.
Sir; Engl. Politiker
Lord cancelliere nato a Londra nel 1478 e morto decapitato nel 1535 a causa della sua opposizione allo scisma anglicano voluto da Enrico VIII. In seguito venne proclamato santo.

More Information

Further Biographical DataLondon, 06.02.1478-London, 06.07.1535
Intellectual ResponsibilityAuteur
Primary Language(s)English
ActivitySir; Politiker
Angielski humanista, mąż stanu, męczennik
Personen der Geschichte (Politiker und historische Persönlichkeiten) (16.5p) (sswd)
Personen zu Kirchengeschichte, Systematischer und Praktischer Theologie, Kirche und Konfession (3.6p) (sswd)
Personen zu Kultur und Künsten, Geistes- und Kulturgeschichte (6.1p) (sswd)
Philosoph (gnd)
Politiker (gnd)
Jurist (gnd)
Personen zu Recht (7.14p) (sswd)
Geographic NoteGB (iso3166)
Online RessourceOnline Resource
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Place of Activity

Place of BirthLondres (1478)
Lieu de naissance
Londres (1478 - 1535)
Lieu de naissance et de mort
Place of DeathLondres (1535)
Lieu de mort
Londres (1478 - 1535)
Lieu de naissance et de mort

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HeadingThomas, More,saint
used in: Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris
More, Thomas
used in: Bibliography of books published in German-speaking countries in 16th century (VD 16), Munich (Germany); Personal Names Authority File (PND), Germany; Koninklijke Bibliotheek - National Library of the Netherlands, Den Haag (Netherlands); Common Library Network (GBV), Göttingen (Germany); Early Book Owners in Britain; Koninklijke Bibliotheek - National Library of the Netherlands, Den Haag (Netherlands)
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint
used in: British Library: English Short Title Catalogue - AACR2 Heading, London (United Kingdom); British Library: English Short Title Catalogue - GK Heading, London (United Kingdom)
Thomas More, saint
used in: Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris
Thomas, More, santo
used in: Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and for Bibliographic Information, Rome (Italy)
Tomasz Morus, św
used in: NUKAT union catalogue of Polish academic and research libraries
Variant NameDeLaMore, Thomas
Delamore, Thomas
Delamore, Thomas ¬de¬
Eschallers Delamore, Thomas ¬de¬
Maure, Thomas
Mohrus, Thomas
Moor, Thomas
Moor, Tomas
Moore, Thomas
Moore, Thomas Sir
abweichende Schreibung
Mor, Thomas
Mor, Tomas
1931 [russ. Namensform]
Mor, Tomas, Sir, Saint
Morc, Thomas
falsche Namensform
More, ...
More, Thomas
Sir [Sources: (VD-16); BNPC; BSBAK]
More, Thomas ¬de la¬
More, Thomas, Saint
More, Thomas, Sir
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint
More, Thomas, st, 1478-1535.
More, Thomas de la Eschaller
More, Tomas
More, Tomasz
More, sir Thomas [Sources: ADCAM; DNB; BBI]
Moro, Tommaso
Moro, Tomás
Morus, ...
Morus, Henricus
Morus, Tamás
Morus, Thomas
Morus, Thomas
Morus, Thomas
Latin. -- [lat. Namensform]
Morus, Thomas, Sir, Saint
Morus, Tomas
Morus, Tomás
Rossaeus, Gulielmus
Rosseus, Gulielmus
St. Thomas More
Thomas, Moore
Thomas, More
Thomas, Moro
Thomas, Morus
Thomas More
Thomas More, saint [Sources: NAMLI; BLC; BMSTC]
Thomas Morus
Nome su edizioni
Thomas Morus, saint
Thomas de La More
Thomaso Moro cittadino di Londra
Nome su edizioni
Tommaso Moro, santo [Sources: DEI; BISAN]
DeLaMore, Thomas
Mohrus, Thomas
Moore, Thomas
Moore, Thomas, Sir
Mor, Tomas
1931 russ. Namensform
Morus, Thomas
lat. Namensform
St. Thomas More
Thomas de La More
PseudonymBaravell, Ferdinand
Baravellus, Ferdinandus
Ross, William


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Dissertatio epistolica, de aliquot sui temporis th... / By Thomas Morus, 1625
ENCHIRIDION MILITIS Christian... / Desiderius Erasmus, 1521
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La République d'Utopie par Thomas Maure [...] traduite nouvellement du latin en françois, 1559
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More, Thomas: De optimo rei publicae statu deque nova insula Utopia. 1518.
More, Thomas: De optimo reipublicae statu, deque nova insula Utopia a mendis vindicata. - 1629
More, Thomas: De optimo reipublicae statu, deque nova insula Utopia ex prioribus editioni*. - 1750
More, Thomas: De optimo reipublicae statu, deque nova insula Utopia libri 2. - 1548
More, Thomas: De optimo reipublicae statu,deque nova insula Utopia libri 2. - 1518
More, Thomas: La république d'utopie. - 1559
More, Thomas: LIBELLVS VERE AVREVS NEC MINVS SALVTARIS Quam Festiuus de optimo reip.statu, deq
More, Thomas: L'Utopia ovvero la republica introvabile. - 1863
More, Thomas: Opera omnia. - 1689
More, Thomas: Tableau du meilleur gouvernement possible ou l'utopie. - 1780
More, Thomas: THOMAE MORI, ANGLIAE ORNAMENTI EXIMII, LVcubrationes, ab innumeris mendis repurgatae. ... 1563.
More, Thomas: Utopia. - 1891
noua ... 1591.
T050640: his Utopia, 1737 tp=written in Latin by Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England
The history of king Richard III ; and selections from the English and Latin poems / saint Thomas More, 1976
Thomae Mori Utopia, 1629
Witty apophtegmes delivered at several times, and upon several occasions, by King James, King Charls, the marquess of Worcester, Francis lord Bacon and sir Thomas Moor, 1669


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