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Caradocus Llancarvanensis

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Dati biografici1100 - 1190
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Bénédictin. - Chroniqueur gallois. - Pas de forme française consacrée par l'usage, 1997-03-04
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Benediktiner in Llancarfan; Historiker
Caradoc of Llancarfan (Welsh: Caradog o Lancarfan) was a Welsh cleric and author who was associated with Llancarfan in Wales during the 12th century. He is generally accepted to be the author of a Life of Gildas and of a Life of Saint Cadog in Latin. He was a contemporary of Geoffrey of Monmouth, author of the Historia Regum Britanniae, the end of which refers to Caradoc as writing a continuation covering the period from 689 to his own time. This must be the chronicle Brut y Tywysogion though no extant medieval copy mentions Caradog as its author. The 16th century Welsh antiquary David Powel claimed his Historie of Cambria was a continuation of this chronicle. At the end of the 18th century Iolo Morganwg wrote what he claimed was Caradoc's lost chronicle, Brut Aberpergwm. Published in The Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales this work became one of the most influential and best-known of Iolo's numerous literary and antiquarian forgeries, which give Morgannwg (Glamorgan) a central place in early and medieval Welsh history.[1] [Fonti esterne: Wikipedia.en]
Caradog, of Llancarvan, d. 1147?; Welsh ecclesiastic and chronicler [Fonti esterne: LCAuth]
Clerigwr Cymreig ac awdur yn yr iaith Ladin oedd Caradog o Lancarfan (bu farw c. 1156). Credir mai ef oedd awdur bucheddau'r seintiau Gildas a Cadog; mae rhai cyfeiriadau ynddynt yn awgrymu ei fod yn gyfarwydd a Glastonbury yn ogystal a Llancarfan. [Fonti esterne: Wikipedia (walisisch)]

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Ulteriori dati biografici11..-1190
1XXX-1147. vermutl. Todesjahr, abw.: 1156
d. 1147?
-1147. - Todesjahr ca.
1XXX-1147. vermutliches Todesjahr, abweichend auch: 1156
Responsabilità intellettualeAuteur
Lingua madreLatin
AttivitàHistoriker (gnd)
Mönch (gnd)
Benediktinermönch, Chronist, aus Wales
Nota geograficaGroßbritannien
GB (iso3166)

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IntestazioneCaradocus Llancarvanensis
Usata in: Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris
Caradoc, Saint, of Llancarfan
Usata in: British Library: English Short Title Catalogue - GK Heading, London (United Kingdom)
Caradoc, of Llancarvan
Usata in: British Library: English Short Title Catalogue - AACR2 Heading, London (United Kingdom)
Caradoc, of Llancarfan
Usata in: Common Library Network (GBV), Göttingen (Germany); Personal Names Authority File (PND), Germany
VarianteCaradac of Llancarvan
Caradoc of Lhancarvan
Caradoc of Llancarfan
Caradoc of Llancarvan
Caradocus Lancarbanensis
Caradog de Llancarvan
Caradog of Llancarvan
Caradawg of Llangarvan
Caradoc, of Lhancarvan
Caradoc, of Llancarvan
Caradoc ^of Llancarfan
Caradocus, Lancarbanensis
Caradocus, Lancarovanensis
Caradocus, Lhancarvanensis
Caradocus, of Llancarfan
Caradocus Lhancarvanensis
Caradog, of Llancarfan
Caradog, of Llancarvan
Llancarfan, Caradog ¬of¬
Caradoc, Saint
Caradoc, Saint, of Llancarfan
Caradocus, Llancarvanensis
Caradog, of Lancarfan

Fonti esterne

Trovato inBN Cat. gén. : Caradoc, of Llancarfan. — Brut y Tywysogion, or The chronicle of the princes of Wales / [attributed to Caradoc of Llancarfan] ; ed. by the rev. John Williams ab Ithel, 1995 [document électronique : reprod. de l'éd. de 1860]. — Clavis SGL. — Potthast : Caradoc of Llancarvan. — British biogr. arch., 1984 : Caradog of Llancarvan. — Berthelot : Caradog de Llancarvan. — DNB=Caradoc, of Llancarvan, d. 1147?. — GK55. — LCAuth: https://lccn.loc.gov/n85115801. — BISLAM. — Fabricius, Bibliotheca latina, Vol. 1, 309
Fonti a stampaT144806: his The history of Wales, 1774 tp=by Caradoc of Lhancarvan
Die Historie von Walles. - 1725
The Chronicle of the Princes (of Wales), Brut y Tywyrogion. - 1801
The historie of Cambria, now called Wales. - 1811
The historie of Cambria, now called Wales. - 1969
The historie of Cambria, now called Wales. - [1584]
The history of Wales. - 1697
The history of Wales. - 1774

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