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thesaurus/cnp00582329 Brown, Lancelot

Brown, Lancelot

Record IDcnp00582329
Dati biografici1715 - 1783
Ultima modifica2024-02-08

Nota generale

Gartenarchitekt, Grossbritannien
Engl. Gartenarchitekt

Maggiori informazioni

Ulteriori dati biografici1715-1783. anderslt. Geburtsjahr 1716
AttivitàPersonen zu Architektur, Bautechnik (31.3p) (sswd)
Gartenarchitekt (gnd)
Nota geograficaGB (iso3166)


IntestazioneBrown, Lancelot
Usata in: Integrated Authority File (GND), Germany
VarianteBrown, Capability
Brown, Lancelot Capability

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depiction of ...
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