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Innocentius VIII, Pont. Max. (Giovanni Battista Cibo) :
Indulgentia [Portuguese]. In favour of the war wounded, and for the construction of churches in Africa

[Lisbon? :, about 1486-93]. – Bdsde. – ISTC ii00134500

Notes Although Haebler identified the types as Gherlinc's, Maria Valentina C.A. Sul Mendes, in Revista da Biblioteca Nacional [Lisbon] ser 2: 8 (1993), pp. 99-115, with plate, shows that the fount is different from that found in Gherlinc's signed work, and suggests an anonymous printer, perhaps working in Lisbon. The twelve different settings (only three of which are described in GW) are printed in four columns of three across a folio sheet
Reference works Anselmo 13. – Haeb(GSpF) p.258. – IBPort 501 (pl.16). – Oates 4227 and pl. VIII. – GW(Einbl) 41a, 41b, 41c. – GW 65. – GW 66. – GW 67
Related resources Microfiche: Primary Source Microfilm (an imprint of Cengage Learning), 2003. Incunabula: the Printing Revolution in Europe 1455-1500. Unit 54 - Iberian Printing Part I, SP 57
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