Incunabula Short Title Catalogue

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Hieronymus :
Vita et transitus (i.e., Eusebius Cremonensis: Epistola de morte Hieronymi; Aurelius Augustinus, S: Epistola de magnificentiis Hieronymi; Cyrillus: De miraculis Hieronymi)

[Southern Netherlands? : Printer of the 'Mensa philosophica', about 1487]. – 4°. – ISTC ih00244000

Notes Polain and Proctor assigned to the press of 'L'Oraison du S. Esprit', located by Proctor in France. Goff and HPT assign to the press of Mensa philosophica. Neither press has been conclusively located, but Mensa philosophica may have been at Antwerp or Louvain. – Reproductions of the watermarks found in the paper used in this edition are provided by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands.
Reference works Goff H244. – C 2361. – Camp-Kron 710a* = 710b?. – ILC 1191. – Inv Ant 413. – Pell Ms 11684. – Polain(B) 3978. – IDL 1748. – Feigelmanas 156. – Madsen 1529. – Kind(Göttingen) 2645. – Oates 4011. – Bod-inc E-057. – Sheppard 7275. – Pr 8814. – GW 9453
Related resources IISTC. Copy: The Hague RL, 172 C 9
Watermarks in Incunabula printed in the Low Countries (WILC)
Holdings AT: Zwettl, Zisterzienser. – BE: Brussels, BR; Leuven, Univ.. – GB: Cambridge UL; Durham UL; Oxford Bodley. – CZ: Olomouc VKn. – DK: Copenhagen RL. – FR: Lille BM. – DE: Göttingen SUB; Münster ULB. – LT: Vilnius Akad. – NL: Cuyk Kruisheren; Heeswijk Berne; The Hague RL. – US: Bryn Mawr College, Goodhart Medieval Library; S.B. Schimmel, New York NY